Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2014

Collaboration award nomination


From 20,000 votes we’ve made it to finalist in the Collaboration category of Cake Master Magazine Awards for our “Welcome to the Jungle” live installation at the Cake & Bake Show Manchester this year – created by all these people in this list here.

Thank you to everyone who nominated us! There were some fabulous collaborations this year (and last year) and we’re delighted to be in such good company …  and, let’s face it, it’s a great excuse for a knees up!

Fellow CakeBomber Tracey Rothwell of Little Cherry Cake Company is also nominated in this category for running the splendid Cakenweenie collaboration.

And CakeBomber Vicki Smith of Incredible Edibles is nominated in the Novelty Cake category. Well done Vicki!

Francesca Pitcher of North Star Cakes (and CakeBomb’s artistic director) is nominated for best Cake Masters Magazine Cover image for her tiger cake.

[… and look, so is our cake crush, the beautiful Gonzuela Bastarache of Kupkake Tree (off of the telly!!!) star of Halloween Wars on Food Network.]

And look at that super talented Avalon Yarnes appearing twice too! Those scary Sugar Spooks are back this year too!

Check out the CakeMasters website to see the list of all the finalists. Good luck to all!



Collaboration Award

Francesca, artistic director of CakeBomb is our poster girl, alongside three other lovely ladies of course. Good luck all!

Novelty cake finalists

Newcomer Vicki Smith has done so well to be nominated for novelty cake

Magazine cover nominees

Francesca again, for her Tiger cover! Good luck to all the finalists!

Spotlight on – Beth Mottershead

Beth Mottershead of Cakes by Beth (that’s Dr Beth Mottershead!) was recently mentioned on Weddzilla in a list of 20 of the most incredible wedding cake makers in the UK, in the same list as Peggy Porschen (and our Tracey Rothwell!).  Her work is seriously top quality and very, very stylish. She recently made a cake for Paul Weller. She’s a very clever and thoroughly lovely chap! 


Hiya Beth! Tell us about yourself.

I’m an art-loving science geek. It was during my time as a scientific researcher for my PhD that I really started cake decorating and it just took over from there. I was actually working as a researcher for a university when I decided to quit my job to focus on cakes full time. I’ve been in business for just over three years now and have never looked back. I’ve always loved baking and remember making marzipan frogs and lily pads for my dad’s birthday cake when I was about 14, but it was only when I reached about 24 that I tackled anything structural. I am completely self taught so I used to try things, analyse how I could improve on them, research different methods that others use and then create my own revised processes. I like it this way though as it means you get to create your own style and put your own stamp on things. The most challenging thing about my job is that as a one man band, I have to operate all aspects of my business, from answering enquiries to designing cakes, meeting couples for consultations, marketing, research, admin, book-keeping … and that’s all before I have cracked an egg or rolled out any icing. I have a part time assistant who will be helping me with the office side of things in about a month’s time, and I have put the wheels in motion to move into commercial premises. It’s great having a home studio but for me, the time is right to take the next step.


You are well known for your elegant and stylish tiered wedding cakes. What did you think when you were first approached to create something for a jungle? Were you out of your comfort zone or did you relish it?

I loved the jungle theme! I particularly loved the challenge of choosing items and styling them so that they were as native to India as possible. It meant that although there was a huge variety of exhibits, they all fitted together really well. It was a huge honour to be asked to be a part of such an amazing project. I felt that the whole CakeBomb collaboration was something a little bit different and to create a walk-in installation at The Cake & Bake Show sounded amazing! I have made structural cakes before and even one that lit up so I had some experience to help me get started but making a working hookah pipe cake was a slightly daunting task. I love a challenge though and always like to push myself so I couldn’t wait to get started!


How on earth did you do that? 

It was one huge research project, reading into all sorts of options before I found the right one. It was one of those problems where every option is completely wrong until it is exactly right. I looked at air fresheners, incense sticks, smoke machines and all sorts. Finding something that wasn’t a fire hazard, wouldn’t squirt anything in anyone’s face, wouldn’t dissolve everyone else’s work and both looked smoky and smelled nice was a tough list of rules to abide by. It was only when I stumbled upon model railways and the life-like smoking funnel set ups you can get that I finally found the solution!   Beth Mottershead I can see the scientist coming through. How long do you think it took you to make?

I think it was just over a week of continuous work but this was spread out over a few weeks as things had to be left to dry and set. It took me a day just to get the basic internal support in place ready for the mechanism.


You made flowers and leaves too – what kinds were they? What did you make them from?

I mainly made leaves, which were my version of rock fig leaves (serrated edges in a deep green..and a hint of frosty sparkle) and star fruit fronds (multi-leaved branches with lots of yellow and brighter green). I also created some Pankusum flowers, which I chose a peachy orange colour for. The leaves were all rice paper, hand cut into shape and airbrushed, painted and dusted. The flowers were made from flower paste.


Your work didn’t stop each day when the show ended – you were up late making Cake Lace to decorate the elephant weren’t you? I know late nights are not a new experience for you, but is Cake Lace?

Yes, being quite local to the show, I was ideally placed to make a few extra items that we needed. Even with the best of planning (and boy, was CakeBomb’s jungle well planned!), you never fully know that you have everything you need until it is all in one place so I made some extra leaves and some edible lace for the elephant. Late nights are definitely not a new thing for me, and I’m sure most people who work for themselves will know exactly what I mean. Cake Lace is something I have used before and have experimented with some different ways of incorporating it into designs. One of my most recent wedding cakes, and the tallest of my career so far, featured gold Cake Lace as one of the key details so I’m a dab hand at using it.

Beth Mottershead

Beth Mottershead

Beth, Tracey

Beth Mottershead and Tracey Rothwell

What was the most challenging thing about your involvement with Welcome to the Jungle in general?

I have to say, the most challenging part was balancing working on the jungle with running my business. Such a large installation with so many amazing cake artists means there’s no room for rushing or producing second rate work, but couples have chosen me to make the most important cake of their life so they need to be looked after too. The enquiries don’t stop and I had orders to fulfil alongside making the hookah pipe and leaves so it really was a busy, busy time.


Knowing what you know now, would you approach it any differently?

I think with anything, once you’ve done something, you’ll be much faster doing it the second time around. I used a few different approaches to adding the cake element to the pipe and now I know that the answer is always “More ganache!” The visitors who came to see us all really appreciated the animals so I would like to create something furry as well.


Of the others’ work – what was your favourite item and why?

This is a really tough one as everyone’s work was amazing…but I think Annabel’s gharial wins it for me. His skin was amazing and the eye…you just had to see it to believe it.


Who is your cake hero?

There are so many great cake artists out there, it’s difficult to pick out just one whose work I love. The sharp edges and clean finish of Australian work is the holy grail of wedding cake design and that is how I try to style my own work. I think I more have business idols, people who are truly passionate about their work, highly skilled in what they do, and can turn this into a successful, sustainable business.


What is the favourite cake you’ve ever made?

It’s tough to choose because I try to make my latest work my best work and keep pushing myself to create better and better cakes. It takes a lot to beat the chateau cake that I created for a wedding in France. It was a replica of the actual chateau that the couple were marrying in and was definitely a life-changing event.

Chateau Challain watermarked 2

I once designed a cake with a large metallic bird on the side and couples have really latched onto this idea so I am over the moon when I get to make a giant bird cake. It’s so quirky and unusual, but I think wedding cakes should be a really memorable part of a couple’s wedding day. I am a huge Breaking Bad fan so it also made my year when I had free reign on a Breaking Bad birthday cake design. So much fun!


What’s up next? 

It’s officially wedding season so I have lots of wedding cakes to create for lovely couples this summer! At the end of 2013, I was declared the winner of The Balvenie Masters of Craft Award for food and drink, sponsored by Waitrose, so as part of my prize I have a large cake commission for them. This will be for the Autumn, when they launch a new whisky at their distillery in Scotland and I’m really excited about it!


Ooh! Well done! Thanks, Beth xx   bombcake-subscribe-email


Over the weeks we’re going to feature some of our team in a little more depth. First off is a well-known face to many, who is as much at home doing pretty and stylish as she is geeky and grotesque … but we suspect we know which one she prefers 😉 … Tracey Rothwell from Little Cherry Cake Company.

tracey 2

Tracey, tell us a bit about you. 

I’m a 26-year-old geek who has a passion for films, gaming, popcorn, zombies and I do have rather a large soft spot for Freddy Krueger and pizza. Just your average girl then right? 😉
I am pretty much known for weird wedding cakes (or that’s what some people like to call them!) which often include zombies, skulls or movie characters. But I do make bright kids cakes too!

You’ve been cake decorating since 2007, that’s a long time in cakeland, do you still get the same buzz each time you deliver a special cake?

It is a long time! I have actually been making cakes since I was 13 years old on and off, and there is NOTHING better than a brand new theme/design to get working on! After all this time I STILL get excited when a cake order comes in with a theme I haven’t made yet, I practically sit making inaudible squeaking sounds at the computer!

Hearing the gasps and giggles from customers is always awesome on collections and deliveries too, it’s what makes it all worthwhile.

You run your company in two halves, Little Cherry, and Black Cherry for the darker themed cakes. Who do you think is having more fun?

You really don’t need to ask 😀 As much as making bright kids cakes is REAL fun (and it really is!), after the twentieth Peppa Pig model I really want to bust out a zombie version!
The guys who order Black Cherry stuff are really on my wavelength and get just as geeky as I do when discussing designs. It’s never a customer/cake designer relationship, each customer leaves as a friend … a big, geeky, zombie-loving friend. 😀
And when they allow me to splatter blood on it too, I pretty much have a friend for life!

What cake has been the most fun to make?

I have many, many fun cakes, but one that always stands out is for the couple that came and ordered my OWN dream wedding cake!

Since I started making cakes I have always wanted to do a Zombie Apocalypse style wedding cake, all climbing their way up the tiers.

But no-one ever seemed to want one? I wonder why!? ha ha

But one day it HAPPENED … a zombie wedding cake with a movie theatre theme. I was ALL over that one! The guys were just AWESOME, and I met up with them and spent hours just geeking out over ideas. The final design included a retro-style plaza cinema on the front being overrun by zombies, and round the back was the inside on the cinema where a Gremlin in 3D glasses was enjoying a Troma film. There was blood, guts, bodies, chainsaws, blood, rats, lights, movie posters … and MORE BLOOD. Probably many of people’s worst nightmares … but we LOVED IT!

Rather than flowers you concentrated on fungus for the CakeBomb installation, what was it about those things that you enjoyed?

Well I’m not going to lie, I’m not exactly known for floral stuff! So fungus was much more likely to be up my street 😉 I even got to jazz them up a bit with Bollywood style gems! I really admire people who can make realistic flowers, man that stuff is hard – I have never gotten into it properly.
I think I’m just destined to make the grungy stuff 😀

Tracey Rothwell's handiwork for CakeBomb's Welcome to the Jungle

Last year you organised the Cakenweenie project, how was it to be involved in a project as a contributor instead of an organiser?

I cannot tell you how cool it has been to chill out on the back of the bus with my boots up rather than being the driver! Of course when you’re organizing you have the buzz of bringing things together, playing around with ideas and logos but there’s also a TON of planning, whip cracking and work involved behind the scenes. I suppose already being there once has made me appreciate what you guys have been doing
whilst I have been messing around with mushrooms and gems in my kitchen!

You have such a large portfolio of amazing work, and your competition-winning pieces always inspire other cake makers, do you enjoy seeing how others interpret your ideas? 

*blush* Thank-you so much!
Oh of course!! I get messages all the time with pictures of cakes they have made based on my designs and its so cool to see how they have changed them or added details I hadn’t thought of! I even have an album on my computer with some of them in to make into a collage, there are about 50 versions of my Mike the Knight cake 😀