The baker, the cake, the tiger and her keeper

CakeBomb’s latest commission, from Oak Furniture Land, was to create a tiger cake they could donate to Dudley Zoological Gardens. Our woman in Birmingham, Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen, was the obvious choice to make it. She meticulously made sure it was to scale and realistically textured – and it’s not just any tiger, this cake LOOKS like its inspiration, Daseep the Sumatran tigress, the star attraction of the zoo.

The blog title – reminiscent of that Peter Greenaway film – is shamelessly stolen from a caption on Annabel’s Facebook page. She’s clever that girl. Looks like she had a fab time at the zoo. It’s not every cake delivery that includes meeting a fully grown Sumatran tigress.

Annabel said of Daseep: “She’s so friendly! She’s hand-reared, so really used to humans. I really wanted to touch her. Her being so friendly is so deceptive. I had to keep reminding myself that she could literally kill me.”

It is always a slightly happy-sad moment when a cake that gorgeous has to be cut – but what a shame it would be to miss out on eating delicious sponge and ganache. Looks like the public enjoyed it too!

The zoo’s Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “It was a 3-D true likeness of Daseep, and it was a shame to slice it up, but we had lots of hungry visitors and it was certainly much appreciated by everyone yesterday afternoon. We’d like to say a very big thank you to Oak Furniture Land for their generosity; it was a most kind gesture.”

This week? Annabel Lecter is back to making “weird cakes” she says. A relief no doubt, but we certainly enjoyed her very successful foray into ferociously fluffy.

Thanks to Annabel and to Daniel Graves Photography for the pictures.

Annabel is pictured below with the zoo’s Assistant Curator, Richard Brown.

annabel tiger slider 2

annabel tiger slider 3

annabel tiger slider 6

annabel tiger slider

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The Tiger Cake That Came to Tea at Dudley Zoo

CK TIGER slider

Will the real Daseep please stand up?

Will the real Daseep please stand up?

Did you have tea with the tiger today at Dudley Zoo?

Cake artist and CakeBomber Annabel de Vetten-Peterson made this beautiful, incredibly realistic, tiger cake for Dudley Zoo this week. It was being cut at 3:15 pm today for their event Easter Tea Time with the Tigers, at the Tecton tiger enclosure. Were you one of the visitors lucky enough to get a slice? The cake is based on the beautiful Daseep, a stunning Sumatran tiger who is, unsurprisingly, the star attraction of the zoo. Oak Furniture Land commissioned CakeBomb to make a cake of the gorgeous Daseep to donate to the Zoo. Annabel, of Conjurer’s Kitchen, was thrilled to meet the real Daseep when she delivered the cake. We think you’ll agree that Annabel has created a beautiful piece of edible art for the Zoo. I wonder what Daseep the tiger would make make of it? Short work I imagine!


So how do you make an edible jungle?


From artistic conception to sugarcraft reality, the management team at CakeBomb will oversee and manage your dream cakes, turning your idea into an edible spectacle


Take 16 talented cake-artists, 6 months and an exciting and colourful theme. Mix them all together to produce one breath-taking edible installation for The Cake and Bake Show, Manchester 2014.


Early concept designs for ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ with Kashmira the fantasy goddess.

The CakeBomb management team brought together some of the cake industry’s leading sugarcraft talents and conceived, controlled and co-ordinated this ambitious project entirely via the internet.

The team were located throughout the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States, but were able to plan and prepare the jungle by communicating online.


By brainstorming ideas, the theme of an Indian Jungle won through. The potential for creating varied foliage, flowers and animals in this theme produced a lot of enthusiasm from our artists, but the additional prospect of including bright patterns and interesting architectural features was also particularly exciting.

Sketches and mood boards gave the team a general direction in which to plan so that tasks and budgets could be allocated and, from there on, the CakeBomb jungle was full-steam ahead!

Each member of this particularly unified team brought to the project their own skills and talents and also a willingness to share their particular expertise with the others. In addition to creating at least one feature piece of their own, each artist contributed flowers and foliage in large quantities to ensure the surroundings were as impressive as the animals and features. The walls, the tiles, the dirt and the insects and grubs: all edible and all part of the jungle experience.


Colour sketch for the ‘Peacock Gate’, which was eventually made from macarons


The CakeBomb Jungle has been a fantastic collaboration which could not have been conceived of before the internet. Most of the 16-strong team had not even met in person until the set-up for the show itself. The internet has enabled the team to plan to the most minute detail and the final execution was down to the military-style planning that such an event requires.

Is this the birth of a new form of cake art, we think so!




Design sketch for Beyoncé the full-size baby elephant cake


Did you visit our jungle?

Don’t tell us you missed out?!

CakeBomb hit the The Cake and Bake Show Manchester with a bang as its life-sized edible jungle went down a storm with the public and the media alike.
With an Indian theme to add Bollywood bling and sparkle, the CakeBomb jungle was full of creatures ranging from earth worms to tigers. The jungle featured a working waterfall, smoking hookah pipe and the smells and sounds of India. 

Kashmira, the four-handed, three-headed fantasy goddess took centre stage and the delicious fruitcake body was cut by celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager. 
And how could we forget the life-sized baby elephant cake created and worked on by the team in front of the watching crowds. It was cut by Rosemary with the help of Great British Bake off winner John Whaite and celebrity pâtissier Eric Lanlard, cheered on by our guest compere Ted Robbins and the friendly Manchester crowd. 

Manchester you were wonderful. Consider yourself ‘CakeBombed’.

[For more pictures see our gallery too. For a list of who was in the team click here]

CakeBomb with the elephant

The CakeBomb gang before the show began. Beyonce the elephant is about to get blinged!

The gang with Wendi Peters

Kashmira our goddess with the CakeBomb gang and actress and Masterchef finalist Wendi Peters, who popped by a few times to visit the jungle.

Rosie Cake-Diva interviews Ted Robbins (Molly's dad!) who (along with doing an impression of our goddess) very kindly helped compere during the cutting of our elephant. Cheers Ted!

Rosie Cake-Diva interviews Ted Robbins (Molly’s dad!) who (along with doing an impression of our goddess) very kindly helped compere during the cutting of our elephant. Cheers Ted!

alligator wide

Annabel’s gharial crocodile, native to India, was a scary addition to the waterfall corner of the jungle

A rare moment when our jungle had (almost) no one in it, just before the show began

Beth Mottershead being interviewed by the BBC.

Beth Mottershead being interviewed by the BBC.

John Whaite, Rosemary Shrager, Eric Lanlard

John Whaite, Rosemary Shrager, Eric Lanlard join forces to cut our decorated elephant!

John Whaite, Rosemary Shrager and Eric Lanlard join us at The Cake and Bake Show Manchester

Great British Bake-off champ John Whaite, and chefs Rosemary Shrager and Eric Lanlard teamed up to cut a huge chunk from our elephant on our final day at the Cake and Bake Show Manchester.