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CakeBomb projects have vision: we want to create something bigger and bolder than you’ve seen before.

CakeBomb brings together talented cake artists to develop, coordinate and execute edible installations of an impeccably high standard. Whether for shows, exhibitions, promotion or private functions, CakeBomb will deliver a product and experience with the wow-factor to engage and excite an audience.

The core CakeBomb team will select and coordinate suitable artists into teams specially tailored to meet the requirements of the brief.

Our project ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ – an ambitious, adventurous venture commissioned by The Cake And Bake Show Manchester, involved sights, sounds, and even smells. We brought together some of the most well-regarded artists from all over the UK and from the USA. Live decoration, over the three days, of a life size baby elephant cake ensured the public queueing to see the continually busy exhibit were kept entertained, with incredibly positive feedback from the public and enthusiastic celebrity endorsements. The cutting of this cake was a real show stopper, presided over by four British celebrities. Press coverage included the BBC, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and numerous local press and blogs all over the UK and around the world.

For Dudley Zoo we were commissioned to create a jaw-dropping cake that would create a buzz for sponsors Oak Furniture Land and the zoo. Our CakeBomber Annabel de Vetten more than exceeded our client’s expectations, creating a life size and realistic depiction of the head of a beautiful Sumatran tiger.

Let us create an edible event for you that creates a buzz that will get everyone talking.

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